An Enigma

The other day, Mrs. K and I were fooling around in bed, well I was strapped down and she was fooling around with herself and sometimes me.  I guess she felt the need for some more stimulation for me, because the next thing I know, she’s rubbing my cage all inside her pussy lips.  It felt so frustratingly lovely, I longed to grab her, but the straps held my hands to the headboard.  God it felt so good.  This only occurred for about 3 or 4 minutes when suddenly I realized i was going to orgasm!  I told I thought I was going to cum, and she said, well if you can, good for you.  She then stopped for a few seconds until things could calm back down and then she started up again.  It felt so damn good.  I told her I was going to come and the next thing I know I am having a large surge of semen dribble out of my cage and run down my thighs onto the bed.  Mrs. K kept on going until she finally shuddered to a stop, breathing heavy from an orgasm of her own.

It didn’t take her to point out that I had orgasm-ed and made a mess.  I honestly didn’t know how to answer that.  It felt good, but painful at the same time since my urethra was quite probably semi  blocked.  she laughed when i explained it and we both decided it was a ruined orgasm.  Afterwards I decided that was not an experience I wanted to try again, but now that time as passed, I UN-questionably want another!  I guess when you are starved for orgasms you take what you can get!  I’m sure if it happens again, I will probably feel the same way.

Strap in, strap on


I told Mrs. K to strap-in, because she’s in for a ride of her life! So am I for that matter, although I have a sneaking suspicion there won’t be any keys around….

A New Turn of Events Part II

Continued from part one.
Mrs. K returned after a few moments with a stepstool and a camera. She put the stool down and immediately began snapping pictures. This went on while I patiently waited (what else could I do). Once she was satisfied that she had taken all the pictures she wanted she pulled up the stool and took a seat. This put her about eye level with my chastity cage. She just sat there for a moment, I am unsure if it was to let me admire her naked form, the keys dangling between her ample breasts. More likely it was just to let me suffer. I was so incredibly turned on, that the swelling was causing me intense pain.
She reached down and took the keys from between her breasts and unlocked the padlock from my cage. She didn’t remove the cage, just the padlock. She looked at me teasingly “you must not want me to touch you, your still wearing your cage!” She said. Believe me when I tell you, no one ever tried more than I to use brain power, telekinesis or even the force more than I! I wanted that cage off.
She finally felt sorry for me; finally removing the cage. It felt so good to be free of its tight restriction. “Wow” she exclaimed. “You were so swollen that the imprints of your cage are showing!” She then took up her camera, taking more pictures. She told me how hot this was for her. Hell, I couldn’t have agreed more, it was hot for me too!
She finally got down to business, sitting down on the stool she’d brought in, she poured a generous amount of lube into her palm. She then began massaging the lube into my rock hard dick. At this point I could have hammered nails with it! It really didn’t take long before I was close to an orgasm. She grinned evilly and told me that I would not get to cum again before 2015 if I chose to do so now. I usually take her threats very seriously so I was genuinely scared.
She has been telling me lately that I was going to get one last orgasm New Year’s Eve and then forgo any in 2014. I haven’t worked out how I feel about. Mostly I’m scared, but I figure it’s all about the ride. Those of you who are in the same boat I am, know what I’m talking about!
Anyway, she continued keeping me on the edge for quite some time. I really felt like letting go and squirting cum everywhere, but I really, really wanted to cum this year and I am so close to the date. I finally began to beg her to stop. She held me on the edge a little longer before stopping. She got up to wash her hands, leaving me hanging limply. She was gone about 10 minutes before returning. She picked up the keys and hung them between her lovely breasts again before jamming my cock cage back on me and securing the lock. She then unhooked me and I slumped down stretching my strained shoulder muscles. After a few moments I reached down and undid the ankle spreader bar. Mrs. K, in mock anger asked me who gave me permission to unlock my ankles. Point taken. I love my wife!
More to come in part III.

A New Turn of Events

Mrs. K has never been into the whole bondage thing, but lately that seems to have changed. Sure, she liked to restrain me during teasing but I think that was more from the perspective of making sure that I didn’t get over excited and finish things myself. That all seems to be changing.
A week or two back, one of us, (I honestly can’t remember who) said something about how cool it was if he could restrain me in a standing position. I think this aroused both of us! I made the promise to her that I would rig something up in the near future.
I had a bit of free time yesterday, so I went to the hardware store and bought an 8ft length of closet dowel, 2 four foot lengths of chain and various eyebolts and clips. Mrs. K was out of the house for the day so I had plenty of time to work without her seeing it. The finished product consisted of 1 four foot spreader bar that could be suspended from the ceiling and 2, two foot spreader bars that could be used for feet or whatever devious thing she came up with. There is an eye-bolt on each end of the spreader bars that I attached a double ended spring clip. The whole rig stows easily out of sight except for the eye-bolts that are anchored into the ceiling. I even managed to put those in an inconspicuous place.
Once I was done, Mrs. K was still out of the house running errands, but I really was excited to try the whole thing out. I sent her a text explaining I had a present for her of the kinky kind. I got a reply back saying she was intrigued and asked me what it was. I told her that she would have to see for herself. As I was hoping, I got a reply saying she would be back in an hour. That gave me just enough time to shower!
When she got home, she talked a little about how her day was, but eventually asked me about the surprise. I immediately showed her the rig I made. She immediately got a mischievous and calculating look in her eye. I could tell her mind was whirling with things it could be used for. Mrs. K. promptly said she was going to shower. While she was doing so, I put on some Velcro wrist and ankle cuffs.
When she got out of the shower, I assumed I was going to immediately give her a long sensuous massage and I was partially right. We both crawled up on the bed, but before I could get started, Mrs. K grinned and hooked a 2 ft. spreader bar between my ankles. She told me that it was her insurance that the massage was going to last as long as she likes. She had me sit on the bed leaning back on the headboard with my legs straight back. She then sat the same way, nuzzling her naked body against mine, her feet pushing into the spreader bar insuring I could not bend my knees. I assume she enjoyed the long massage, because she allowed me to give her two orgasms. Yes. I said ‘allowed’. If she only knew what I would do to be allowed to do that I’d be in real trouble! Those of you who live the chaste lifestyle know exactly what I mean!
Once we were done, she had me hobble over to the 4 ft. spreader that was hanging over 6ft in height and she clipped my hands to it. I had no trouble standing in spite of the fact that I was still strapped into a 2ft spreader bar on my feet, I had no trouble holding my balance. I was rock hard inside my cage, in fact I was so turned on, I thought I’d shoot all over the floor! This new Mrs. K was completely turning me on. I could tell she liked it to as she left the room!
To be continued….
In the meantime this is what I looked like. Note the drops of pre-cum! 2013-11-17 22.35.19

Does size matter – update

Last time, I wrote, I spoke about trying a smaller ring size. I did in fact try a smaller size, but after a week, I developed a raw spot on my skin and had to remove the cage all-together. I wound up having to go almost a week free while I healed. (Let me tell you it was hard to resist temptations!) Anyway, fearing to get another sore, I went back to the old ring size. Mrs. K thought I should have gone right back to the smaller one, thinking I just needed to get used to it. Perhaps she is right and that I just need some time. I guess I will think on it…..
Not much has really been happening on the sexual side of life. I have been extremely busy with work lately, and we’ve had a bit of illness floating around, so there really hasn’t been any opportunity for the nice exciting stuff… I really hope that changes in the very near future. I will keep you posted!

Does size matter?

Lately, I have had two incidents of a testicle slipping through the retaining ring of my device.  In my mind, I assume it is because my body has adjusted to two years of constantly wearing a chastity device.  Hoping to counter future incidents I switched to a slightly smaller ring.  For the first few days I was mostly okay, although I did wake up a few times in the middle of the night to find pain I assume was from an attempted erection.  I can remember the first few months of wearing my device having similar issues.  After a couple of days, however, I could tell I had a raw spot behind my scrotum.  Mrs. K allowed me to take the device off for healing.  I probably will be able to put it back on tomorrow. 

I guess I’m curious to ask you long term guys out there did you experience something similar?  Was it a good decision switching to the smaller ring, or should I go back to the comfortable one and risk the occasional slip through? 

Reflections over the last two years

It’s hard to believe that next month will be two years Mrs. K and I have been playing the chastity game.  Many things have changed since we first began.  For those of you who have been following, or have at least read the archived blogs, you will notice that we started off almost fumbling like teenagers first discovering sex.  How far we have travelled!

I am still pretty amazed we went from a tentative discussion and the ordering of a cheap device to now, 24/7 locked.  When we first started, Mrs. K would accidently let me orgasm frequently, or would let me have one every week or two weeks.  Now, she told me back in May that I would not have another orgasm until 2014.  Her skills of teasing have now progressed that she knows how to keep me on edge for a long time, and knows exactly when to stop!   (Curses)   I jokingly say curses, but when not in the moment of straining to expel seminal fluid, I love/hate it!  

If you would have asked the two-year-ago me if I wanted to go 6 months without an orgasm, I would have run screaming from the house.  Now, I react with it with excitement.  For instance, Mrs. K was musing that she might change her mind about keeping me from orgasm in 2013 in favor of having one on New Year’s Eve and then skipping an orgasm in 2014.  You would think that it would have been with a sense of dread, but no.  She was teasing me at the time, and she suddenly had to stop because I almost spewed all over her hand.  She of course has learned to see the warning signs and managed to deny me.  My things have changed.

Mrs. K has evolved as well.  As I said earlier, she has gained more expertise in orgasm denial, but in the last two years she herself has also evolved.  She has become a little more sexually dominant, although sometimes I wish a little more so!  Enforced chastity has become a fetish for her (although she doesn’t acknowledge it).  If for whatever reason she has let me out of my chastity device, it must be put back on before we engage in any kind of romantic activity.  I think it is because she finds it sexually exciting for me to be unable to obtain an erection.  As I eluded to earlier, she has also begun to find it more and more exciting to deny my orgasms.  I remember one example that was extremely frustrating for me.  We were on vacation and we were having a very intimate evening and I was performing on of my favorite activities, screwing (no, fucking) Mrs. K with a strap on dildo.  I had given her several orgasms and we were resting, with me anticipating being unlocked and teased as a reward.  Mrs. K, then got up and got ready for bed telling me she was too tired and that I’d just have to wait!  I was sooo frustrated.  Thankfully that has not happened very often! 

Looking back on the last two years I am still surprised at how things have changed.  I have NO idea what will happen in the next two years, but I do have some secret hopes!  Perhaps that will be a topic for another blog!  


It’s Been Awhile….

I realize that it’s been a long while since my last post.  Life happens….  Some recent comments on the blog have motivated me to go ahead and put an update out there.

The last few months in review:

Mrs. K. teasing my locked cock.

Mrs. K. teasing my locked cock.

Mrs. K and I are still doing the chastity thing, and with the exception of one month when we were both sick, i have pretty much been locked 24 / 7.  Don’t get me wrong there have been a  couple of days I have asked for it to be removed because I was sore and to let it heal.  Other than that, I’ve had no access to my own privates.  Mrs. K on average has been giving me one orgasm every month to 6 weeks.

Mrs. K has missed penitrative sex and we have done that a few times, but since I’m always half cocked (pun intended) it didn’t last as long as she’d liked before I had to stop to avoid an un-authorized orgasm.  Ever-industrious, I perused a few adult store sites and ordered a dildo and strap-on.  That was probably the best money I ever spent!  I now frequently pound the daylights out of her in her favorite position, doggy style!  I have discovered that she is almost insatiable.  I will please her several times that way and occasionally we will roll over so that she straddles it/me.  She will often grind her way to a few more gentle orgasms while laying on top of me.  That is one of my favorites since it is a feeling of greater intimacy.

Typically after this, she will often unlock me for a little teasing, and if she feels it’s time, an orgasm, but there has been a time or two that she just gets up indicating we are done.  These are a paradox.  I usually will lay there groaning in aweful frustration, my cock swelling the cage until I wonder if pure pneumatic preasure is going to break the steel bars or a weld.  I both hate and love when she does that.  I may be frustrated almost to tears, but at the same time I find it incredibly hot!

What’s New

About a week or two back, Mrs. K had me laying on my back across her lap while she had my un-locked cock in her hand stroking me.  She announced that she probably wasn’t going to let me orgasm until Labor Day.  Then, by the look on her face, I could tell she had an evil thought.  She then told me that if I could make it to labor day, I could make it to Christmas.  If I could make it to Christmas, I could make it to New Years Eve.  If I could make it to New Year’s Eve, I could make it to New Year’s day.  Whith an expression and tone of finality she said, “yep You won’t come until 2014”  Since I’m apparently a sick individual, it made me very excited.  Mrs. K was still stroking me and I very quickly reached my peak of arrousal and was about to orgasm, but she sensed this and stopped me.

Free at last!

Free at last!

Later when things calmed down I asked her if she was just playing.  I was back in my cage, but hadn’t yet put on clothes.  she told me that she thought she was serious, and she could immediately tell it excited me because i was again straining at the cage.  She said, she thought she was serious.  I swear, that should not make me hot, but it does somehow.  By the time it will be said and done, I will have gone over 6 months with no orgasm.  I wonder what it would be like to go for a year?


A surprise

I guess keeping up with the blog is a good thing.  Mrs. K surprised me with an orgasm last night.  It was the first one I’ve had in almost a month.  Afterwards she even let me take off my device completely.  Right now I’m in that state of confusion I always get when I realize I’m not in chastity.  Something wont feel right and I’ll reach down and realize the hard steel of a chastity cage is missing.  I almost feel naked without it!

Covered or un-covered?

Mrs. K has continued with her new rule of no touching myself.  It has been since sometime in July since I was allowed to touch my penis other than a poke here and there through the bars of my chastity device.  I must say I have gotten used to it for the most part.  Other times I crave just a quick touch with such intensity that it reminds me of when I quit smoking.

Lately, Mrs. K has made another change.  About two weeks ago as I got out of the shower and began dressing, Mrs. K said “why don’t you just not get dressed?”  She went on to explain how sexy it was for me to walk around the house naked.  I told her I thought that was pretty disgusting for a middle aged dude to be walking around nude.  She smirked and said “I want you to know how it feels since you’ve asked me a thousand times to do the same thing!”  Well, guess what?   I didn’t get dressed.  It felt a little awkward but if it made her happy so what?

The next night after I got out of the shower I came into the living room wearing my shorts.  She looked over at me and told me that I was overdressed.  I looked at her astonished, but quickly shucked the shorts and sat around the rest of the night in the nude.

Since then I have pretty much done everything around the house in the buff.  I’ve gotten work done here and there and with the exception of our son coming to visit last weekend I’ve left off wearing clothes.

I was thinking that its coming up on the one year anniversary since we started playing the chastity game.  Last year I had no idea where we would wind up!  I wonder what the next year will bring?